Design Green!

Design Green! is a knowledge-sharing platform created and curated by Pomeroy Studio in 2014 to promote thought leadership on sustainable design. The bi-annual event consists of three integrated core components: ‘The Exhibition’, ‘The Discussion’, and ‘The Installation’. The interactive elements are conceived to bring together industry professionals, leading academia, and the general public to promote green design and research.
Held at the Raffles Institute Gallery from May 3-31, 2016, the 2016 edition brought a month-long exhibition and the book release of 'POG: Pod Off-Grid | Explorations into Low Energy Waterborne Communities'.
Held at the National Design Centre from September 1-21, 2014, the 2014 edition is titled Design Green! Skycourts & Skygardens, an exposition an exposition curated by Pomeroy Studio that consists of 3 integrated components focused on skyrise greenery.