Club Plaiya

Client: Landco Pacific Corporation Club Plaiya is a community driven master plan comprising of residential and commercial development embracing beach-front living at Playa Laiya, Philippines. 'Plaiya' is a playful combination of PLAYA and LAIYA. Club is fronted to emphazise the development's activities that targets the young, energetic and adventurous, who enjoy water sport and beach activities. Club Plaiya’s concept is subtly reflected in its logo, highlighting the letter “P” to recall the identity PLAYA. Club Plaiya's sub-brands – Kava, Aiya, Copa – sought inspiration and colour palette from 3 party beaches across the globe: Kavos, Aiya Napa and Copacabana.
Location: Playa Calatagan, Philippines
Sector: Masterplan
Size: 9 hectares
Skills: Graphics & Branding
Status: Concept