Property Report | Future Cities Interview

25 September 2018

“The essence of sustainable design is going back to basics. It’s optimising natural light, natural ventilation, using materials that are local and available — not tokenistic greenwashing gestures”  more

Hong Kong Tatler Homes | B House, Singapore

26 June 2018

A reinterpretation of Singapore's much-loved "black and white" colonial bungalows, distinguished by their timbered frames and plastered walls...  more

The Peak Magazine | Jason Pomeroy - Designs for the Future

02 June 2017

Eco-architect, academic and television host, the multifaceted Jason Pomeroy... man of the world ... has a singular gift to connect worlds into visionary constructs for the future...  more

The New York Times Style Magazine | Intelligent by Design

01 June 2017

Eco-architect Jason Pomeroy breaks down the "smart" in "smart city"...  more

Esquire Malaysia | Design: A Tale of the City

04 April 2017

The smartphone is akin to a fifth limb. What will we make of the smart city? Urbanist and architect Jason Pomeroy explains...  more

The Edge Malaysia | Green Peace

01 April 2017

Professor Jason Pomeroy, the passionate eco-architect and founding principal of Pomeroy Studio reveals his inspirations, aesthetics and elements of life and living style...  more

Mabuhay Magazine | Urban Dreams

02 February 2017

Professor Jason Pomeroy - founder of Singapore-based eco-architecture firm Pomeroy Studio, and host of CNA's Smart Cities 2.0, set to air this March - tells how the world's best smart cities...  more

Xcellence Magazine Issue 4 | Green it Forward

21 November 2016

Moving beyond merely reducing pollution, technology is helping to give back to nature...  more

L'Officiel Singapore | 10 Ways to Live Consdciously

04 November 2016

Want to help improve the lives of others on this planet but don't know where to start? Here's how...  more

PRC Magazine #85 | Water, water, everywhere...

01 November 2016

... nor any drop to drink'. Ub==In Coleridge's Rime tof the ancient mariner, a seafarer slays an albatross despite leading him, and his seamen, to calmer weather...  more

Casa Indonesia | Urban Oases

31 October 2016

Menanggapi pergerakan dunia yang semakin berbasis akan teknologi dan kreatifitas, kini adalah waktunya untuk Indonesia...  more

PRC Magazine #84 | Pomeroy Studio Conjures Green Vision of Indonesia's Digital Hub @ BSD City

01 September 2016

With its plans for Indonesia's Digital Hub @ BSD City, Pomeroy Studio answers the call by enterprises in the fields of science, technology and media for green environments to work in...  more

Prestige Singapore | Write of Way

01 August 2016

Architect Jason Pomeroy of Pomeroy Studio unveiled his third and latest book Pod Off Grid...  more

The Star Malaysia | PD resort the world’s largest water home development

19 July 2016

The huge size of Lexis Hibiscus Port Dickson has prompted award-winning eco-architect, academic and author Professor Jason Pomeroy to dub the property the largest water home development in the world...  more

PRC Magazine #83 | Big Names Address Sustainable Living in Asia

01 July 2016

The best minds and brightest voices in the construction industry delivered the third PRC Magazine Cocktail Forum at Build4Asia in May...  more

Asia Green Buildings | Pomeroy Studio desgins 26-hectare

28 June 2016

Pomeroy Studio, the designers and thought leaders of sustainable built environments, announces the launch of Digital Hub@BSD City...  more

Monocle Travel Guide Series - Singapore | Reach for the Sky

01 May 2016

With a growing population putting pressure on space, the city's buildings are looking up...  more

ID Indesign Malaysia | Kediaman Karbon Negatif

04 March 2016

Pomeroy Studio mengumumkan satu reka bentuk kediaman karbon negatif, iaitu the B House yang terletak di Bukit Timah, Singapura...  more

The Standard Philippines | Pomeroy Studio Unveils Carbon-Negative Home in Singapore

26 January 2016

The award-winning Singapore-based sustainable design firm, Pomeroy Studio, finally completed The B House in Singapore, an operational carbon-negative home that was recently awarded with Building Construction Authority’s (BCA) Green Mark Platinum Award...  more

August Man Malaysia | Building Blocks

01 January 2016

By examining the architecture of cities across Asia and Middle East,eco-architect professor Jason Pomeroy, tells of the civilisation's past, present, and future in Channel NewsAsia's 'City Time Traveller'...  more

GLAM Interiors + Design | People Maketh Cities

11 November 2015

Singapore-based architect and TV personality Prof. Jason Pomeroy’s tryst with sustainable design began from his childhood, when he started playing in his parents back garden...  more

Prestige Thailand | Past & Present

15 October 2015

The routine of life often inures us to our surroundings, whatever impressive edifices lie nearby. But to Professor Jason Pomeroy, the buildings are embedded in the fabric of each country’s distinctive culture and history…  more

The Malay Mail | Travelling Light

07 October 2015

The Malay Mail interviews Jason Pomeroy, award-winning, eco-architect, founding principal of Singapore-based Pomeroy Studio, and now returning TV presenter of Channel NewsAsia’s City Time Traveller…  more

Tatler Singapore | Green Champion

01 October 2015

Much has been said about conserving the earth, but a new breed of Singaporeans has married conviction and passion for the cause with a spirit of enterprise and innovation…  more

The Star Malaysia | Building on Heritage

19 September 2015

The second season of City Time Traveller, hosted by eco-architect Jason Pomeroy, explores the link between architecture and culture, history, and social practices…  more

Monocle Guide Singapore | Q&A with Jason Pomeroy

31 August 2015

Monocle Guide interviews Jason Pomeroy, a Cambridge University trained, London-born architect based on Singapore, where he runs his eponymous design firm, Pomeroy Studio…  more

Smart Investor | Newpark: Kluang’s Catalyst of Growth

01 April 2015

Bandar Newpark, an ambitious mixed development project, promises to propel Kluang to greater heights…  more

Archinesia | B House

01 April 2015

B House is a housing development project targeted to be a carbon-negative housing in Singapore…  more

Jakarta Post | Mixed-use developments key to RI urban problems

28 March 2015

Already the fourth-largest country in the world by population, Indonesia continues to grow in size...  more

The Global New Light of Myanmar

06 March 2015

Eco-architecture, at the most basic level, pays respect to the natural environment...  more

Malaysian Business | Newpark – The Future of Kluang

01 February 2015

Located at what is believed to be the last piece of major development land situated along Jalan Batu Pahat, the land besides the Federal building in Kluang will be transformed into modern lifestyle enclave with properties…  more

The Edge Malaysia | A new commercial centre for Kluang

19 January 2015

Majupadu targets innovative developments for agricultural centre...  more

Cubes | The Need to Green

01 December 2014

The three-week-long exposition Design Green! Skycourts & Skygardens highlights the benefits of alternative green social spaces in buildings...  more

PRC | Green shoots take root in Singapore

26 November 2014

The inaugural Design Green! Skycourts and Skygardens exposition, curated by Pomeroy Studio, focused on broad aspects of skyrise green through: The Exhibition, The Discussion and The Installation...  more

The Star, Malaysia | Painting the town green

12 November 2014

As cities increase in density both horizontally and vertically, an eco architect is making waves in greening the urban habitats...  more

PRC Issue 74 | News

10 November 2014

JCube mall interior revamp creates all-new shopping experience...  more

PRC Issue 74 | Design Green! - Green shoots take root in Singapore

10 November 2014

The inaugural Design Green! Skycourts and Skygardens exposition, curated by Pomeroy Studio focused on broad aspects of skyrise greenery through: The Exhibition, The Discussion and The Installation...  more

TRENDS V29 No10 | Focus on Malaysia on Sustainable Living

03 November 2014

In a fragile world where sustainability is the only way forward, emerging developments look to everything from healthy living to energy efficiency - Pomeroy Studio is a leader in the field...  more

Green + | The Makings of a Hybrid City

20 October 2014

Green +, Malaysia's Premier Eco-friendly Sustainable and Green Business Magazine interviews Jason Pomeroy...  more

Press Release | J.Avenue - Pomeroy Studio revamps JCube Mall interior to create an all-new shopping experience

30 September 2014

Major retail developer CapitaMalls recently turned to award-winning green design firm Pomeroy Studio to design their latest concept retail concessions in Singapore's west coast mall, JCube...  more

Press Release | Pomeroy Studio Launches the Inaugural 'Design Green! Skycourts & Skygardens'

10 September 2014

An Exhibition, Discussion & Installation at the National Design Centre, Singapore...  more

Under the Banyan Tree Issue 14

05 August 2014

Prof Jason Pomeroy shared his insights on historical buildings for 'Under the Banyan Tree', where he was consulted on the ancient villages of Xidi and Hongcun - both have been designated as world heritage sites...  more

Press Release | Pomeroy Studio Launches Design Green! Skycourts & Skygardens Event

07 July 2014

Pomeroy Studio has unveiled plans for a bold new exhibition to be held at the National Design Centre (NDC) from 1st - 21st September 2014 that will coincide with the Singapore Green Building Week...  more

3Sixty | Air Asia Inflight Magazine

01 July 2014

Fresh from hosting 'City Time Traveller', award-winning Singapore-based British architect Jason Pomeroy shares with travel 3Sixty the inspiration behind his love of design, his favourite project and what cities may look like in the future...  more

Perspective Magazine | The Icing on the Cake

10 June 2014

The newly-opened Century City Mall adds another layer of interest to Makati's landmark development...  more

Pomeroy Studio Scoops Industry Design Awards

23 May 2014

It has been a celebratory month for Pomeroy Studio, with the collection of several green accolades...  more

PRC | It's time we became culture vultures

02 May 2014

The Majestic Hotel -It is refreshing that such bastion of tradition, whether in the architecture, the clothing, the music, or gastronomic offerings, still exist and can serve as a reminder of cultural heritage...  more

Press Release | Century City Mall Makati Officially Opened

31 March 2014

Award winning eco-architect Jason Pomeroy of Pomeroy Studio, was in Makati on March 27th to celebrate the launch of leading developer Century Properties’ flagship lifestyle and retail destination, Century City Mall...  more

I-S Magazine | Design isn’t about the surface | Interview with Jason Pomeroy

31 March 2014

Clara Lim from I-S Magazine interviews Jason about his travel adventures and the next big thing in local design...  more

Inhabitat | Jason Pomeroy Unveils Environmentally Responsive Century City Mall in the Philippines

31 March 2014

Award winning eco-architect Jason Pomeroy recently celebrated the launch of the Century City Mall he designed in the Philippines...  more

Green Asia Force | Q & A with Jason Pomeroy

04 March 2014

Green Asia Force talks to Jason Pomeroy about his view on sustainable design, the future of sustainable design in Asia and its challenges...  more

Archinect | Features | Jason Pomeroy, the

20 February 2014

Archinect spoke with Jason Pomeroy when the show just began airing, touching on his demanding filming schedule and work as an “eco-architect”...  more

Ma Vie en Verte | Eluxe Magazine Interview

18 February 2014

Jason tells Eluxe about working out, wigwams and ecological wisdom in this exclusive interview...  more

"City Time Traveller": Jason Pomeroy presents new Architectural Travel Series on Channel NewsAsia

21 January 2014

Singapore-based Eco Architect, Urban Planner and Academic Jason Pomeroy is presenting a brand-new 12-part architecture travel series for Channel NewAsia...  more

Home & Decor | Sim Cities

06 January 2014

"I am awoken by an eager eight-year-old who is about to give me an education in creating buildings using a gaming software..."  more

Property Report | Issue 110 | Better than business as usual

09 December 2013

Forget the myth that "green" housing costs 5 to 10 percent more than a traditionally built space: The B house is proof that sustainable design is...  more

Pacific Rim Construction | Issue 68 | Greening urban habitats for the 21st century city

20 November 2013

The incorporation of skycourts and skygardens into developments is no longer a gimmick of trend, but a quintessential element within the urban vocabulary of the 21st century city...  more

The Future is now | Trends | Focus on Sustainable Living Vol 29 No 9

01 November 2013

Shrinking in terms of available land space and resources, our planet needs help - green building strategies in Asia help point the way...  more

The Edge | Windows on the Park: a bona fide green project

28 October 2013

According to the research done by Pomeroy Studio, WOTP compared with a "business as usual" development has...  more

Exchange Issue 71 | The University of Nottingham

15 October 2013

Among the new generation leading the charge for sustainable tall building design are Arham Daoudi and David Calder, alumni of The University of Nottingham...  more

Home and Decor | The Book is Out!

08 October 2013

Jakarta, Manila, Bangkok, Kota Kinabalu, Kuala Lumpur. And back again, with an episode of Singapore thrown in for good measure...  more

Press Release | Nottingham student wins 2013 DFSA

30 September 2013

Nottingham student's Singapore Vertical Farm concept wins Pomeroy Studio's 2013 'Design for a Sustainable Future Award'...  more

Property Report | Keynote Speaker at Thailand Property Awards Gala Dinner 2013

03 September 2013

Ensign Media is pleased to confirm that award-winning architect and academic Professor Jason Pomeroy will be the keynote speaker at the Thailand Property Awards 2013, to be held at Centara Grand & Bangkok Convention Centre at CentralWorld on September 19...  more

Architecture Asia | Issue 2 | A carbon hero by being carbon zero

01 September 2013

Our carbon woes: Global warming has prompted governments to ensure the design of more sustainable places...  more

Press Release | Skycourts and Skygarden Book Launch

30 August 2013

Over 100 guests gathered on the sky terrace at the Park Royal hotel, Singapore, for an evening hosted by Esquire magazine and Heineken to celebrate the launch of his new book...  more

Distil, Design, Disseminate | PRC Magazine

26 August 2013

Established post-global financial crisis (GFC) in 2012, by eco-architect, masterplanner and academic, Jason Pomeroy, Singapore-based Pomeroy Studio represents the next phase of the firms' noted developments...  more

Peak Domain | Issue 07 | Greening the Future

20 August 2013

Eco-architect Jason Pomeroy builds and champions sustainable spaces as the way we will live tomorrow...  more

Esquire | Ministry of Mavens

13 August 2013

We could wax lyrical about Jason Pomeroy, the award-winning eco-architect, master planner and academic, as well as the numerous projects...  more

Pacific Rim Construction | Issue 66 | From carbon zero to carbon hero

01 August 2013

You've read the news - record breaking droughts, polar ice caps melting, sporadic monsoons and hurricanes that increasingly fall outside the usual climatic cycle.  more

Home & Decor | Seeds of growth

01 August 2013

The past couple of weeks in the studio have been long and hectic to say the least...  more

The Star | Building the future

09 July 2013

Imagine living in a comfortable house without needing to pay an electricity bill for the rest of your life...  more

Home & Decor | Room at the top

01 July 2013

From the cooler temperatures of Toronto, to the mugginess of Hong Kong. En route to Singapore, I decided to spend a few days in one of my favourite cities...  more

The Edge | Back to basics for sustainable design

01 July 2013

According to Jason Pomeroy, there are four emerging key considerations for the green building industry...  more

Home & Decor | Deco Elegance

03 June 2013

I escape from the wind driven cold of Toronto, to the tropical heat of Miami...  more

Home & Decor | An urban oasis

31 May 2013

I'm flying back to Singapore after my usual intoxicating few days of searing heat, manic street activity and a maddening sense of utter helplessness...  more

Home & Decor | New beginnings

01 April 2013

In this new column, award-winning architect Prof. Jason Pomeroy gives us an insight into his work as he blazes a path for sustainable building...  more

Home & Decor | Green Crusade

01 April 2013

What does it take to build sustainably and responsibly? When he was eight years old, Jason Pomeroy's father took him to St. Paul's Cathedral in London...  more

Registry Indonesia | Environmentally-Friendly Design

01 April 2013

For him, the definition of modern building design is being committed to the love of the natural environment without compromising lifestyle. Registry team chats with Prof. Jason Pomeroy...  more

Marcus Evans | 2nd Annual Vertical Cities Interview

07 February 2013

Exclusive Interview with Prof. Jason EJ Pomeroy, Founder & Principal, Pomeroy Studio, Singapore.  more

Dwell Asia | Zeroing on Green

31 January 2013

Three experts discussed ways to bring sustainability forward at the recent Build Eco Xpo exhibition in Singapore...  more

Press Release | Pomeroy Studio completes the tallest skygarden in the Philippines

30 November 2012

Pomeroy Studio's commitment to greening the urban habitat has seen them put the finishing touches to designing the tallest skygarden in the Philippines...  more

Southeast Asia Building | Vietnamese student wins 2012 'Design for a Sustainable Future' Award

15 November 2012

A Vietnamese student has scooped Pomeroy Studio’s 2012 ‘Design for a Sustainable Future’ Award from a field of over 250 architectural students...  more

Press Release | Sustainable Living Takes to the Skies

02 November 2012

With increased urbanisation, it is inevitable that many public spaces where individuals would rest, relax or socially interact would be incrementally removed...  more

InDesignLive Singapore | Jason Pomeroy: Rigorously Green

29 October 2012

In a well-attended seminar at BEX Asia 2012, Jason Pomeroy discusses his studio's work in zero-energy development...  more

Press Release | Distilling, designing, and disseminating for a sustainable future

08 October 2012

Pomeroy Studio’s commitment to ‘distilling, designing, and disseminating’ green ideas for the urban habitat will be presented at the upcoming BEX Asia conference, Southeast Asia’s premier...  more

Prestige | 40 Under 40

01 September 2012

At age three, Jason Pomeroy learnt to pitch a wigwam tent in the garden of his family home. At eight, he visited London's St. Paul's Cathedral, fell in love...  more

Southeast Asia Building | Establishment of Pomeroy Studio in Singapore

01 September 2012

Award-winning eco-architect, masterplanner and academic, Jason Pomeroy, has established his own design studio in Singapore.  more

Press Release | Establishment of Pomeroy Studio

13 June 2012

Award winning eco-architect, masterplanner and academic, Jason Pomeroy, has established his own Green design studio in Singapore...  more

Pacific Rim Construction | Issue 59 | 'Spatial sustainability anyone?'

13 June 2012

I was recently invited as a plenary speaker to the 2nd Vertical Cities conference in Hong Kong...  more

Press Release | Greening your work place

13 June 2012

Friends tell me I never do things in half measures. They would be right...  more

Perspective | 40 under 40 Winners

01 May 2012

Award-winning architect and academic Jason Pomeroy founded Pomeroy Studio, specialising in the study of the Asian green built environment agenda. His passions for designing zero-carb buildings...  more

Press Release | TEDX 3 ideas to save the urban habitat

03 April 2012

It is not everyday that one gets asked to give a lecture as part of a global phenomenon that, since 2011, has been watched by over 500 million people...  more

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