GLAM Interiors + Design | People Maketh Cities

11 November 2015

Singapore-based architect and TV personality Prof. Jason Pomeroy’s tryst with sustainable design began from his childhood, when he started playing in his parents back garden...  more

Prestige Thailand | Past & Present

15 October 2015

The routine of life often inures us to our surroundings, whatever impressive edifices lie nearby. But to Professor Jason Pomeroy, the buildings are embedded in the fabric of each country’s distinctive culture and history…  more

The Malay Mail | Travelling Light

07 October 2015

The Malay Mail interviews Jason Pomeroy, award-winning, eco-architect, founding principal of Singapore-based Pomeroy Studio, and now returning TV presenter of Channel NewsAsia’s City Time Traveller…  more

Tatler Singapore | Green Champion

01 October 2015

Much has been said about conserving the earth, but a new breed of Singaporeans has married conviction and passion for the cause with a spirit of enterprise and innovation…  more

The Star Malaysia | Building on Heritage

19 September 2015

The second season of City Time Traveller, hosted by eco-architect Jason Pomeroy, explores the link between architecture and culture, history, and social practices…  more

Monocle Guide Singapore | Q&A with Jason Pomeroy

31 August 2015

Monocle Guide interviews Jason Pomeroy, a Cambridge University trained, London-born architect based on Singapore, where he runs his eponymous design firm, Pomeroy Studio…  more

Ancient Solutions for China's Future Problems

27 April 2015

Over the past 30 years, the World has witnessed China’s unprecedented population and economic growth – a superpower that is leading what has been heralded as ‘the Asian century’...  more

Jakarta Globe | Green Benefits of Eco-Architecture for Indonesia

01 April 2015

Jakarta has been consistently ranked as among the world's least livable cities...  more

Smart Investor | Newpark: Kluang’s Catalyst of Growth

01 April 2015

Bandar Newpark, an ambitious mixed development project, promises to propel Kluang to greater heights…  more

Archinesia | B House

01 April 2015

B House is a housing development project targeted to be a carbon-negative housing in Singapore…  more

Jakarta Post | Mixed-use developments key to RI urban problems

28 March 2015

Already the fourth-largest country in the world by population, Indonesia continues to grow in size...  more

The Global New Light of Myanmar

06 March 2015

Eco-architecture, at the most basic level, pays respect to the natural environment...  more

Wall Street Journal | Passione for Water Taxis

05 March 2015

Jason Pomeroy spoke to the Wall Street Journal about snacking on roasted almonds, taking the scenic route on Venice's water taxis, and timeless Asian architecture...  more

South China Morning Post | Looking at the past to find solutions for the future

04 March 2015

Simple, sustainable and eco-friendly designs need to meet the challenges of urbanisation in Asia can be found in traditional dwellings...  more

Building Review Journal V30 No1

01 March 2015

A new eco-township set in the 100-year-old former Colonial Town of Kluang, Johor...  more

Malaysian Business | Newpark – The Future of Kluang

01 February 2015

Located at what is believed to be the last piece of major development land situated along Jalan Batu Pahat, the land besides the Federal building in Kluang will be transformed into modern lifestyle enclave with properties…  more

The Edge Malaysia | A new commercial centre for Kluang

19 January 2015

Majupadu targets innovative developments for agricultural centre...  more

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