Xcellence Magazine Issue 4 | Green it Forward

21 November 2016

Moving beyond merely reducing pollution, technology is helping to give back to nature...  more

L'Officiel Singapore | 10 Ways to Live Consdciously

04 November 2016

Want to help improve the lives of others on this planet but don't know where to start? Here's how...  more

PRC Magazine #85 | Water, water, everywhere...

01 November 2016

... nor any drop to drink'. Ub==In Coleridge's Rime tof the ancient mariner, a seafarer slays an albatross despite leading him, and his seamen, to calmer weather...  more

Casa Indonesia | Urban Oases

31 October 2016

Menanggapi pergerakan dunia yang semakin berbasis akan teknologi dan kreatifitas, kini adalah waktunya untuk Indonesia...  more

PRC Magazine #84 | Pomeroy Studio Conjures Green Vision of Indonesia's Digital Hub @ BSD City

01 September 2016

With its plans for Indonesia's Digital Hub @ BSD City, Pomeroy Studio answers the call by enterprises in the fields of science, technology and media for green environments to work in...  more

Prestige Singapore | Write of Way

01 August 2016

Architect Jason Pomeroy of Pomeroy Studio unveiled his third and latest book Pod Off Grid...  more

The Star Malaysia | PD resort the world’s largest water home development

19 July 2016

The huge size of Lexis Hibiscus Port Dickson has prompted award-winning eco-architect, academic and author Professor Jason Pomeroy to dub the property the largest water home development in the world...  more

PRC Magazine #83 | Big Names Address Sustainable Living in Asia

01 July 2016

The best minds and brightest voices in the construction industry delivered the third PRC Magazine Cocktail Forum at Build4Asia in May...  more

Asia Green Buildings | Pomeroy Studio desgins 26-hectare

28 June 2016

Pomeroy Studio, the designers and thought leaders of sustainable built environments, announces the launch of Digital Hub@BSD City...  more

Monocle Travel Guide Series - Singapore | Reach for the Sky

01 May 2016

With a growing population putting pressure on space, the city's buildings are looking up...  more

ID Indesign Malaysia | Kediaman Karbon Negatif

04 March 2016

Pomeroy Studio mengumumkan satu reka bentuk kediaman karbon negatif, iaitu the B House yang terletak di Bukit Timah, Singapura...  more

The Standard Philippines | Pomeroy Studio Unveils Carbon-Negative Home in Singapore

26 January 2016

The award-winning Singapore-based sustainable design firm, Pomeroy Studio, finally completed The B House in Singapore, an operational carbon-negative home that was recently awarded with Building Construction Authority’s (BCA) Green Mark Platinum Award...  more

August Man Malaysia | Building Blocks

01 January 2016

By examining the architecture of cities across Asia and Middle East,eco-architect professor Jason Pomeroy, tells of the civilisation's past, present, and future in Channel NewsAsia's 'City Time Traveller'...  more

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