The Peak Magazine | Jason Pomeroy - Designs for the Future

02 June 2017

Eco-architect, academic and television host, the multifaceted Jason Pomeroy... man of the world ... has a singular gift to connect worlds into visionary constructs for the future...  more

The New York Times Style Magazine | Intelligent by Design

01 June 2017

Eco-architect Jason Pomeroy breaks down the "smart" in "smart city"...  more

Esquire Malaysia | Design: A Tale of the City

04 April 2017

The smartphone is akin to a fifth limb. What will we make of the smart city? Urbanist and architect Jason Pomeroy explains...  more

The Edge Malaysia | Green Peace

01 April 2017

Professor Jason Pomeroy, the passionate eco-architect and founding principal of Pomeroy Studio reveals his inspirations, aesthetics and elements of life and living style...  more

Mabuhay Magazine | Urban Dreams

02 February 2017

Professor Jason Pomeroy - founder of Singapore-based eco-architecture firm Pomeroy Studio, and host of CNA's Smart Cities 2.0, set to air this March - tells how the world's best smart cities...  more

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